We've been farming for
four generations.

 Youngman Farms is a small family-owned and operated farm situated in Wolcott, NY. In the years that we've been farming, we've produced everything from fruit to dairy. Today, we focus on all-natural high quality beef. Farming is a way of life for us and we strive to treat the land and our animals with respect.

Youngman Farms consists of almost 300 acres of our own land and 100 to 150 acres of rented land. With that land we grow crops for our beef herd, almost everything our animals eat comes from our own fields. We know with certainty where their food comes from, from the planting to harvest.        

Our beef herd consists of Angus, Hereford, and Hereford/Angus crosses. We have two large pastures that the animals can graze during the season. Our animals also get a healthy diet of corn silage, grain, minerals, and supplemental hay.